Plant growth parameters for modeling (click image to download)

Brighenti, T., Gassman, P., Thompson, J, Stone, T, & Nair, A. 2022. SWAT model database update: Validation of plant growth parameters for 29 fruit and vegetable crops. International SWAT Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, July 11-15 (poster presentation). 

Improving estimates for land surface temperatures (click image to download)

Chen, W., & Zhou, Y. 2023. Morphing-based fusion of weather modeling and satellite observations for improving estimation of diurnal land surface temperatures. 11th Annual Environmental Science graduate research symposium, Ames, IA April 17 (poster presentation)

Increasing table food production in Iowa (click image to download)

Stone T. F., Brighenti T. M., Gassman P. W., & Thompson J. R. 2023. Increasing local production of table food in Iowa to improve agricultural sustainability: A Food-Energy-Water Systems (FEWS) project case study. Environmental Science Symposium, Ames, IA, April 17 (poster presentation).

Local Food System in Des Moines


Iowa UrbanFEWS Overview


SWAT Team Poster: (click the image to download)


PI Meeting Poster: (click the image to download)


Vegetative Wall Poster: (click the image to download)