Diba Malekpour Koupaei presents at the 17th International IBPSA Building Simulation Conference

Diba Malekpour Koupaei, PhD candidate in the Civil Engineering Department at Iowa State University, presented the team’s most recent research efforts on developing a workflow for the integration of high-resolution tree geometries in urban energy simulation models at the same conference. Her paper, titled “A framework for integrating high-resolution trees in urban energy use models”, focused on the development of an improved modelling framework for estimating the amount and timing of shading from trees and its effects on cooling and heating energy use in residential buildings. The inclusion of leaf-on and leaf-off shading coefficiencies in the modelling framework is the main novelty of this research study, which can help to clarify the effect of urban trees on building energy use in urban environments. Check out the abstract using this link and keep tuned for the publication of the paper in the conference’s proceedings!